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SilverCity St Vital Cinemas

Movie Theater at 1225 St Mary's Road #160, Winnipeg, MB R2M 5L3, Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2M 5L3 . Here you will find detailed information about SilverCity St Vital Cinemas: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.


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1225 St Mary's Road #160, Winnipeg, MB R2M 5L3, Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2M 5L3
R2M 5L3

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About SilverCity St Vital Cinemas

SilverCity St Vital Cinemas is a Canadian Movie Theater based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. SilverCity St Vital Cinemas is located at 1225 St Mary's Road #160, Winnipeg, MB R2M 5L3, Canada,

Please contact SilverCity St Vital Cinemas using information below: Address, Phone number, Fax, Postal code, Website address, E-mail, Facebook. Find SilverCity St Vital Cinemas opening hours and driving directions or map. Find real customer reviews and ratings or write your own review.

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Reviews of SilverCity St Vital Cinemas

  • Isaiah
    Added 2016.07.26
    I have an access card that I've been granted through Easter seals, they help clients with low income who are in homes that are staffed 24 hours.
  • Brandon
    Added 2016.06.25
    I may not look disabled, but I sure know I don't have to explain what's physically or even mentally wrong with me when I use this card.
  • Emily
    Added 2016.05.17
    Secondly, and worst of all is the Ads are just out of control. I paid money to see the movie and last time I went, no exaggeration, 20 minutes of ads and trailers before the movie started. I would rather them just post when the movie will actually start so I can come then. Don't trap me there to watch ads when I already paid 20 dollars for the movie.
  • Adam
    Added 2016.05.15
    2017 November - Prices went up again, scene discount removed, timeplay rewards reduced, food prices went up, viewership is way down.
  • Colin
    Added 2016.01.25
    My two biggest complaints are that when I pay the extra money for Dbox I often see people jump in them after the movie starts. So they get the same seat as me without paying and I selected that seat because no one was beside me.
  • Juan
    Added 2016.01.10
    When it came for me to pay, the employee asked me "so who's the disabled one"
  • Sarah
    Added 2015.10.28
    Let me explain....
  • Jack
    Added 2015.04.19
    Weirdly Grant Park is a better theatre now. Better prices, better seats, better drinks.
  • Chase
    Added 2015.03.22
    A minimum of 20minutes of commercials is UNACCEPTABLE! this is after the start time of the movie so not including all the commercials during trivia before the movie. There's barely even trailers cause its 20-30 minutes of advertising. If you could tell me bringing in adcertising helped reduced costs back to customer okay, but movie and concession prices are still astronomical so I dont get it. My poor kids started asking if an actual movie was even coming it got so bad.
  • Olivia
    Added 2015.01.02
    The card lets me have one ticket free.
  • Jason
    Added 2014.07.23
    But the reason I'm giving two stars is because their costumer service is awful.
  • Timothy
    Added 2014.06.18
    I was in shock that someone would even say that.
  • Gavin
    Added 2014.05.28
    I felt very frustrated that I can't even go see a movie without people judging me. So that's why I rated it two stars...
  • Alexander
    Added 2014.01.28
    Took my family to the movies yesterday. Early dismissal day from school to kick off Xmas holidays, so understaffed. Not One Single Human working any where near the vacinity of a ticket sales counter. Yes you have machines to sell tickets, but many people clearly needed assistance, no one to be found.
  • Sarah
    Added 2013.10.28
    Good screens, astronomical prices. And they keep going up, even recently the prices went up. They are also all in on the 3d craze, to the point that it's impossible to see a movie in 2d after work. It's borderline discrimination against those of us that can't see 3d. It's a wonder they stay in business at all. Except for the biggest of movie releases, it's pretty quiet.
  • Eric
    Added 2013.08.29
    this is one of my fave theatres in the city, not only is it close to my house but it's attached to the mall unlike (polo)
  • William
    Added 2013.06.02
    I find this cinema quite good. I like the options for reserved seating. The pricing on the food like any cinema is very high so I choose not to buy anything. The theatres are generally pretty clean considering the mess people make. Overall pretty good.
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